Everything you need to know about Sukajan Souvenir jackets

So, you’re thinking of wearing a Sukajan souvenir jacket? You’re in good company. The souvenir jacket is one of this season’s hottest new trends!

Brightly coloured, Asian inspired, and made from the finest silk or satin, the cultural origins of the Sukajan jacket are fascinating. Even if you’ve never seen a sukajan jacket in the flesh before, you’re sure to have seen one of your television screen, in many high-profile movies, shows, and even music videos.

What is Sukajan Souvenir Jacket

Want to know more about the history of the sukajan jacket, and who’s choosing to wear them? We’ll tell you everything you need to know!

The History of the Sukajan Jacket

The Sukajan jacket, most commonly known as the Souvenir jacket, has a rich and fascinating history. The jackets originated during and immediately after World War II, when they were created for soldiers who had served overseas in both Korea and Vietnam. They earn they name because they were literally souvenirs to commemorate the time served overseas.

Worn by American soldiers to remember time spent in Asia, the jackets were the perfect blend of Eastern and Western philosophies. Traditionally Asian icons, such as cherry blossom and dragons, sat alongside more conventionally American symbols, such as flying eagles and bold written slogans.

Traditional Sukajan jackets are made from fine silk and satin, although it is also possible to choose jackets constructed from thicker and more durable materials that have the same embroidery style and detailing.

The cut of the Sukajan jacket is also distinctive, as it is almost identical to the classic American baseball jacket. Because of this, the jackets often have contrasting coloured sleeves.

Because each Sukajan jacket was commissioned to be unique and personal to the solder that wore it, finding a vintage original is very unlikely, as these 70-year-old pieces are incredibly rare. But the good news is that there are some wonderful, and incredibly authentic looking replicas available right now that are easier to wear, and constructed from modern, high-quality materials.

The Sukajan Jacket in Pop Culture

Sukajan jackets weren’t just souvenirs for soldiers: these highly sought after jackets quickly became pop culture icons on both sides of the pond. During the 1960s young people in Japan (who were obsessed with American culture) incorporated Sukajan jackets into their own wardrobes. In post-war Japan, choosing to wear a Sukajan jacket was seen as a sign of rebellion, and they even became gang symbols, the iconography of defiance.

This style was quickly mimicked around the world with heroes from Hollywood and musical icons, such as Mick Jagger, choosing to wear Sukajan jackets

Celebrity Fans of the Sukajan Jacket

The Sukajan jacket has a huge celebrity following, so if you choose to wear one then you’ll certainly be in good company!

Male celebrities such as Pharell Williams, Jared Leto, Zayn Malik and Scott Disick have all added a modern and fashion-forward twist to this stylish and fashion-forward item. Meanwhile, female celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Karlie Kloss prove that this versatile piece can be worn for almost any occasion, dressing their Sukajan jackets up and down with real panache.

It’s not just celebrities that are excited about adding Sukajan jackets to their armouries!  The souvenir jacket has also been updated and given a high-fashion edge, appearing on the runway for designers such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Evisu. With so many high fashion brands and fashion-forward celebrities choosing Souvenir jackets, now is the perfect time to join the club!

Getting the Sukajan Jacket Look Right

Much like the originals, modern Sukajan jackets are usually made in bright and vibrant colors, and covered in ornate and garish embroidery. You should expect to see an over-sized embroidered design featuring bold iconography on the back of the jacket and two smaller (but complimentary) embroidered designs on each panel at the front of the jacket.

The Sukajan jacket is unlike any other, and is so eye catching and extravagant that the best way to wear it is to keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible. A plain tee and dark denim jeans will suit whichever Sukajan jacket you choose, allowing your ornate new statement piece to really shine, especially if it’s particularly brightly coloured.

If you have a darker Sukajan jacket then the rest of your outfit can be more experimental. Why not add an extra pop of unexpected colour with a smart button down or simple patterned sweater? Adding vibrant coloured sneakers, blue jeans, or a slick suede Chelsea boot will also help to create a minimalist and youthful feel to your outfit. However you choose to wear it, one thing’s for sure: your Sukajan jacket will always look bang on trend!

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