Who says girls can't wear Sukajan Souvenir Jackets?

Menswear for women is a huge fashion trend right now. In fact, womenswear has been influenced by menswear for decades, particularly when it comes to outerwear.

The trench coat, leather jacket and even the blazer were all originally designed for men before being borrowed from the boys and, ultimately, modified for women. In fact, the only reason women ever began wearing pants is because Coco Chanel made the idea popular when she began wearing her boyfriend’s suits. The latest piece of beautifully designed menswear that is ripe for feminine misappropriation is the traditional sukajan jacket.

Sukajan for girls

It’s soft fabric, beautiful bold embroidery and brave use of colour makes the sukajan jacket ideal for being incorporated into a softer and more feminine wardrobe. With that in mind, here are our top tips for how girls can tap into the Sukajan jacket trend too:

Personalise Your Jacket. Define Your Style!

One of our favourite things about the Sukajan jacket is that, with so many different styles and designs available, you can choose one that has imagery that perfectly suits your personality. So if you’re a Pisces then look for a jacket that features Koi carp. Fiery personality? Opt for a tiger. Or if you’re obsessed with cat memes and videos on Youtube then a bowing cat could be your perfect pick.

By choosing a jacket that reflects your own unique personality, you are immediately showing that this isn’t just a style detail you have stolen from your boyfriend, but something that is unique and true to you too.

Add Feminine Details

Just because the jacket you have chosen has masculine origins, doesn’t mean that you have to wear it in a masculine way. In fact, the best way to ensure that your new Sukajan jacket suits your style it to add feminine details and accessories when you wear it.

Most Sukajan jackets feature bold colours, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use colour to soften and define your outfit. Feminine neutrals, such as peach, blush, and soft grey, can also be paired with any colour and will look much gentler with your jacket than the black or navy blue men often pair with their bold souvenir jackets.

Wearing Pants? Pick Skinny Jeans

If you decide to style your Sukajan jacket just like your boyfriend, by wearing it with jeans, then we definitely recommend that you stick to skinny jeans rather than baggier ‘boyfriend’ styles. Skinny jeans will show off your feminine physique, and create a balance and contrast between the more oversized nature of the jacket, whilst pairing an oversized jean with an oversized jacket would create an unflattering figure-hiding affect.

Wear heels with your skinny jeans to further elongate your legs, and add an extra feminine edge to what has the potential to be a very masculine look.

Inject an Urban Edge

Why not style your outfit with another nod to the boys by injecting an urban and sporty edge into your outfit? One of the most popular ways for men to wear their Sukajan jackets is with a plain black or grey marl hooded top underneath and a distinctive baseball cap on top. This is a style that is very easily replicated by the girls, if you’re looking for something understated and effortless for laid-back weekend cool.

To give this outfit a distinctive look that is sure to turn heads, we recommend you leave your traditional pants at home and pair your jacket and hooded top combo with either a slim fitting mini skirt or a pair of snug leather pants. This will add a more formal edge to the outfit, and differentiate the look entirely from the one favoured by the boys!

Top It Off!

Finally, why not finish your outfit with the perfect accessory? Sunglasses! We think that the Sukajan jacket is the coolest outerwear trend to emerge for 2018, but we also know that nothing makes an outfit look cooler than wearing it with a pair of oversized shades. It doesn’t even matter whether the sun is shining!

Why not choose frames and lenses that will complement the colours of your jacket? If your jacket features blue piping, for example, why not choose lenses with a blue tint? Or opt for a wide black rim to match the black sleeves of your new statement piece. These small details may not seem important, but they really can help to make or break an outfit, and help your new look to stand apart.

Sukajan Souvenir Jackets for Womens

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