How to Wear a Sukajan Souvenir Jacket with Style

There is nothing understated about the sukajan jacket: that’s what we love about them! They are bright, bold, and loaded with wonderful ornate detail.

The sukajan jacket is the kind of jacket that enters the room with a scream, and makes sure everyone is looking at it. That doesn’t mean that you have to be brash and bold to wear one though, but having plenty of confidence (and a little bit of swagger) will certainly help.

Everything about the traditional Sukajan jackets is distinctive, particularly when compared to the dull and relatively workaday modern jackets favoured by the man on the street. Their high-shine material catches the light and attracts attention. Their embroidered details are bold and unique. And they use several bright, primary colours alongside each other to stunning effect.

The key to wearing the Sukajan Souvenir jacket with style is to keep the rest of your outfit fairly simple and let your jacket do all the talking. #

Here are some top tips to help you wear your Sukajan jacket with style:

Choosing the Right Tee

Because the Sukajan jacket is so bright, bold, and eye-catching, it would be a colossal mistake to pair it with a t-shirt featuring bold patterns or logos. This would create a look that would be too busy, and would detract attention away from the detail work in your jacket.

Instead a simple crew neck or v neck tee in one block colour is the best choice for showing off your jacket to its fullest potential. We love the simplicity of the Sukajan jacket with a white or black tee, but if you prefer vibrant colours then why not look for something brighter in red, blue or even orange to contrast or compliment your jacket?

Want to give your Sukajan jacket a more street-style urban edge? Why not wear it with a jersey hooded top in black or grey marl underneath? Teaming a hooded top with a souvenir jacket is a great way to give the style a real, down-to-earth feel and incorporate the more flamboyant piece into your everyday wardrobe.

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Picking the Perfect Pants

Many Sukajan jackets have contrasting sleeves, often in shades of cream, black or blue. If you want to put together a stylish and fashion-forward look then why not coordinate the block colours in your jacket with your pants?

Black chinos will look incredibly stylish when worn with vibrant Sukajan jackets that feature black panels or detailing, whilst red and blue jacket details are perfect for wearing with traditional blue jeans.

Blue jeans worn with a sukajan jacket is the perfect combination if you’re looking to embrace old-school Americana. Use your shoes to add a modern and minimalist feel to your outfit: Converse will only emphasise that Americana feel, whilst simple suede Chelsea boots will create a fashion-forward and understated look.

A Unique Blend of American and Japanese Styles

Sukajan Jackets Blend American and Japanese Styles perfectly. Their relaxed bomber shape is distinctly American (closely replicating the baseball jacket shape that rose in popularity so sharply during the post-war years) whilst their silky satin finish lends them a more gentle, Japanese feel.

The iconography chosen to decorate the jackets also blends east and west perfectly: tigers sit alongside American eagles. Texas roses jostle for place alongside Japanese cherry blossoms. Dragons, bold slogans, cranes, skulls and flags are also symbols very often chosen.

But the beauty of the Sukajan jacket is that they can feature almost any logo or image you can think of. The jacket you wear should be a reflection of your unique sense of style and your personality: choose your jacket carefully so that it fits in with your existing wardrobe and really reflects who you are.

Dress Your Souvenir Jacket Up or Down

We love the Sukajan jacket because it is so comfortable and easy to wear. Because it is so distinctive, the rest of your outfit doesn’t need too much thinking about: your jacket should be the star off the show!

This means that your souvenir jacket can be dressed up or down and look great for any occasion. Wear it for a night on the town, to a smoking hot date, or just to hang out with your friends. No matter where you wear your Sukajan souvenir jacket, you’re sure to attract attention for all the right reasons!

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